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Dear ,

It was great being with you recently. I love what you are creating and am excited to be a part of it!

Let’s get started shall we?

Please find the links to your Lifestyle Perfected folder and Alignment Tool, these tools are yours to keep and use.

We recommend:

  1. Adding the Alignment Tool link to your calendar as a 30 minute “Alignment Time” in the morning.
  2. Downloading “Google sheets” on your phone to reference and add to it as you want to throughout the day. I recommend reading and creating the Alignment tab (reading/reciting) first thing in the morning.
Here is a copy of your signed Lifestyle Perfected Founder Shared Vision
If you haven’t completed it yet, please take the time to fill out the Founder Shared Vision Questionnaire.

For the Financial Freedom Program please answer the following questions in the Financial Freedom Questionnaire.


In addition, kindly note the following documents below that will be needed to assess your current financial position:

Please upload the following financial documents for the previous and current years here:

  1. Profit and Loss
  2. Balance Sheet
  3. Cashflow analysis
  4. Where possible kindly upload projections for the next financial year as well
Please provide your current Role/Organizational chart.

Please share your calendar(s) with our Team so that we can support your Time Creation efforts (Gcal, Ical):


  1. Nadav (Founder/Chief Lifestylist)
  2. Elo (Operations Goddess)
  3. Tina (Client Success Goddess)

Please meet the Goddesses, Tina and Elo, they are part of your team now and excited to support you.

Meet Tina

I am Tina, the one to follow up with you, walk beside you while you ride on the flow towards your dreams. Being a part of the Lifestyle Perfected Team is my aligned step with a team that is committed to helping others create a road map to their own dreams, one Rockstar Client at a time.

Meet Elo

Pleased to meet you. You can call me Elo, Operations Goddess and Implementer Extraordinaire. In addition to eating Jerk flavored anything (A Jamaican cuisine), dancing and practicing yoga, I love creating and implementing operational systems with you.

Useful Links:

Download Whatsapp

We use Zoom for our online meetings.

Download Zoom

We use Zoom for our online meetings.

Our Next Steps

  1. Tina will coordinate the scheduling of your Lifestyling Sessions
  2. Tina will coordinate the scheduling of your Implementation sessions. These are sessions that are follow-ups to areas covered during your Lifestyling Sessions.
  3. Your Operations Goddesses will work alongside you to implement strategies and processes that are aligned with your Vision.
  4. Elo will send additional instructions in your project management system to set up your finances in Quickbooks and Tina will schedule a 1-hour monthly financial session.
  5. I’m available to you anytime over text/WhatsApp/call so please ensure you have my number and use it freely: 1(858) 952-6578. We will create a WhatsApp Group to support easy communication between you and the Lifestyle Perfected Team.
  6. We will be sending you an invoice with payment instructions shortly.

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