How would our lives be if a specific traumatic event did not happen?

At the time we may curse sweet tuxedo shirt baby Jesus, however can we look at this life lesson and a gift? My friend @chriswinfield says our “Mess if our Message”

You have a gift inside you the world wants to receive.

I had a gift I was scared to give, for fear it wouldn’t be received and I would feel crushed…again.

I was deathly scared to speak publicly because when I was 16 I was forced to speak in front of 2,000 kids at my high school about something I was not passionate about and fumbled it up to the point where kids were yelling back at me: “Nadork!” This shit fucked me up for a while…

However the passion in our heart is stronger than any set back my loves. The flame of desire to make a difference stays lit within us not matter what. And I would come back to play with its light for short toasts, investor pitches for my start up and impromptu videos from the remote beach I was on that day. However I knew there was more for me to give…and I followed the fear as a guide to what was next. I would shake and barely be able to communicate with people before my talks. * If I had allowed myself to lose myself in my anxiety, I would not have followed the path of giving my Gift to Give of connecting to people from my heart vs. my head. Today I’m an internationally paid speaker who creates from my heart.

I have created the Art of Hugging talk and 12 other Lifestyle Perfected talks spanning from Self Love to Money to Purpose to Physical Health. With the intention to open up conferences to have people lose their anxiety and connect instantaneously on a deeper level, feel at home and produce more revenue for the attendees.

Whereas I used to practice nervously, today I’ve let go and without practice or writing anything simply trust source and intuition to connect with the audience and the message I want to share. * Would love to hear what event inspired you to follow a chosen path and how it could’ve been different if you allowed fear and anxiety overcome you.

* Please Comment Below * Sending you all the love