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Lifestyle Perfected is a holding company focused around profitable returns through social impact on a global level.

We provide coaching, consulting and social media services to the top CEOs and influencers in the world in the social impact space.

We’re looking for a heart-centred individual, who loves to connect with people and help them achieve their social impact and life goals. You must be great with communicating with high-level founders and CEOs.


We are seeking a company proposal for providing accurate accounting services and financial management.


Lifestyle Perfected



Nadav Wilf – [email protected]


Questions pertaining to this Request for Proposal can be communicated to Eloivene Blake, Operations Goddess – [email protected]



  1. Create systems to support business operations, planning, financial management and tax accounting.
  2. Provide exceptional reporting and analysis of accounts as well as accurate and real time recording of financials.
  3. Provide dedicated client service to our clients; including weekly meetings, Accounts Payable Processing, A/R Aging Report, Budget vs Actuals, Profit and Loss, and financial statement preparation, monthly and year-end closing assistance, and account reconciliations.
  4. Drive the financial planning of the company by analysing its performance and risks, including Expenses Reconciliation and Budgeting.
  5. Retain constant awareness of the company’s financial position and act to prevent problems.
  6. Create real time financial management processes to maximize gross and net profits of the company.

Current Customers and Products

1. Founders and CEOs of $5 mil – $2 bil of Social Impact Companies

a) Private coaching: $15,000- $30,000 for 3 – 6 months
b) Coaching for teams: $30,000-$100,000
c) Private 5 Immersions: $20,000 for 5 days
d) Private coaching: $5,000 per months
e) Founder Mastermind: $1,000 a month
f) Outline of Services


  • Maintain accurate Chart of Accounts.
  • Reconcile monthly bank statements.
  • Ensure adherence to financial laws and guidelines.
  • Prepare timely and detailed reports on financial performance.
  • Create and maintain the Annual Budget, including the Budget vs Actuals report.
  • Lead weekly Financial Strategy Meetings with the founder of Lifestyle Perfected and with LP clients to share financial reports.
  • Conduct analysis to make forecasts and report to the CEO/Founder
  • Managing and reporting weekly on financial KPIs and metrics to executives to increase performance of the business by updating Quickbooks.
  • Responsible for entering, categorization, analysis of transactions into QuickBooks for reporting and tax purposes.
  • Prepare monthly balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statements Respond to periodic requests for reports.
  • Drive the financial planning of the company by analysing its performance and risks.
  • Retain constant awareness of the company’s financial position and act to prevent problems.
  • Responsible for the overall management of the financial systems and processes.
  • Manage accounts receivables and payables for optimal cash flow and profitability, ensuring that receivables are collected promptly and pay any debts as they become due.
  • Implement measures to increase cash flow, decrease expenses and increase revenues and profits.
  • Set targets for and supervise all accounting and finance personnel, providing support and guidance where appropriate.
  • Develop the corporate strategy and manage relationships with partners and investors.
  • Perform budget analysis and inform leadership team of any material budget variances and issues.
  • File all paperwork such as W-9 and 1099’s for vendors.
  • Quarterly tax planning and coordination with tax accountant.
  • Coordinate Investment, passive income financials strategies.
Option 1. Complete our Request for Proposal Form

Much love,
Nadav and team

Option 2. Upload Your Proposal

If you would like to upload your proposal please ensure it contains the following information in PDF format:

Company Information and Questions

Please provide the following information:

  • Name of your firm
  • Complete address
  • Contact person
  • Telephone number
  • Website
  • E-mail address

Your response must include a reply to each of the numbered requirements below and should not exceed 5-10 pages in length.

  1. Provide an executive summary of the reasons why our organization should engage your firm to provide accounting and financial services. Please include your total fee for the above scope of work and describe how you will bill for out-of-scope work or special projects.
  2. Give a breakdown of the fee structure. Fees should be segregated by accounting services, as outlined in the “Deliverables” section. Your description of fees should include whatever schedules are necessary to adequately support and/or explain the proposed pricing. The basis for the fees should be stated (i.e., number of staff, level of staff, hourly rates, etc.)
    1. Identify the engagement team that will be performing accounting services and provide biographies detailing their experience.
  3. Provide a background of the firm, including years in business, number of employees, and industry specialty.
    1. Describe your firm’s use of technology, highlighting cloud-based and online platforms, and list any accounting software certification(s).
    2. Describe your firm’s knowledge and experience with US-based tax filing.
  4. Describe your firm’s basic approach to performing accounting and financial services.
  5. Provide the names and contact information for three clients similar to our organization
  6. Please conclude with a statement about how your firm differs from other firms that offer similar services. Address how our organization will benefit from the services provided by your firm.

Questions for us:

Do you have questions for us? Please feel free to send them.


Once we review your proposal we would appreciate three references of companies for which you provide web development services, including contact name, email address, phone numbers and URLs of your client’s web sites.

We appreciate your response and look forward to moving forward in this process. We are looking to move forward in one to two weeks from the current date.

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