I had a gift I was scared to give, for fear it wouldn’t be received and I would feel crushed…again.

I was deathly scared to speak publicly because when I was 16 I spoke in front of 2,000 people at my school and fumbled it up to the point where kids were yelling back at me: “Nadork!”

However the flame of desire to make a difference stayed lit within me. And I would come back to play with its light for short toasts, investor pitches for my start up and impromptu videos from the remote beach I was on that day…

I had learned the power of connecting to people from my heart vs my head so I created the Art of Hugging talk with the intention to open up conferences to have people lose their anxiety and instead connect instantaneously on a deeper level and produce more revenue for the attendees.

I was scared AF
I started reaching out to the founders of some of the top conferences and events in the world to get on their stages
Within a month I was opening my first conference
Within 3 months I was having all my expenses paid
Within 6 months I was being paid thousands of dollars to open up conferences with the Art of Hugging

I would shake before I would get on stage

And after…I would tear because of transforming the feelings of imposter syndrome, the fear of the stranger, the fear of not producing the results we want or not being liked.

I gave 15 talks last year and chose to take a break this year, I agreed to give my first talk of the year at my favorite Social Impact event NEXUS Global Youth Summit.

Afterwards I got this message:

Hi Nadav! I wanted to thank you for your “New to Nexus” talk at the beginning of the conference. Being on crutches and being at my first summit, I was feeling incredibly anxious that first day. Your hugging workshop changed the entire tone of the conference and provided a sense of instant connection that stayed throughout the entire thing. I look forward to connecting at another nexus event in the future. But wanted to thank you and wish you well until then.


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